Outdoor Range Improvements

Last summer work began to improve the shooting bench area of the Outdoor Range to better accommodate our “3” Position Jerome Jr. Rifle Team. Jerome Coach, Barry Rininger, was the planner of this project and a NRA Grant was used to purchase a portion of the materials.

We want to especially thank Bassett Masonry, PBS Limestone of Berlin and John Emerick Trucking for providing materials, delivery, and the workforce. We all thank them for their generous assistance in completing this enhancement to our facility.This photo, taken in May, was the start of the project and the range was a little muddy at times. Some heavy equipment was brought in to remove topsoil and level out the area. Workers then placed a series of 2×4 wooded forms and the crew spread gravel into place.

The all volunteer “Prep-work” began during the time our Jr. Rifle Team and the 4-H Team were shooting the outdoor 3-P and the 4-H events. This work didn’t conflict with their practice schedules and the range was still open for all members to shoot.

Because of material availability, weather and scheduling, the range was a bit tore up during the summer, but a slight inconvenience for permanent improvement.

With forms securely staked down with rebar, the new work started to take shape.

Last week the Cement and Cement finishing crews arrived to begin pouring the formed areas. A total of 14 yards of cement, with fiber, was used to complete the work. The upgrade including a nice wide area, at the 25 yard range, designated for “Handicapped Access”.

This area can accommodate wheelchairs and removable shooting tables to be more flexible for  members with special requirements.

The wide cement apron across the front of the benches will provide a better shooting platform for the Jerome Jr Team. Now they will not have to place their prone-mats on the uneven gravel areas between the benches. With two shooters between the benches makes for a tight squeeze. Instead, this smooth cement pad will give them more elbow room for their scope stands, rifle stands and prone mats.

Plans are in the works for extending the roof line over the new apron so shooters can practice regardless of weather. These improvements may lead the way to having an Outdoor 50yard 3-P Tournament at our facility sometime in the future, similar to events conducted at Murrysville and Palmyra Rifle ranges. Great job and Thanks to all involved!