Jerome Jr Members attend PA State High School Competition

Dubois, PA: February, 18-19-20, 2022. The Jerome Jr Rifle Team members have had a very intense schedule during late January through mid February with constant practices and shooting matches to wrap up the season. Each Jerome member is a “Top Five Shot” on their own High School team. When these High School Teams arrived at the PA State Rifle Championships in Dubois, they met their Jerome teammates in face-to-face opposition.

Elissa, Nicole, Zach, from North Star, Emily from Bishop Carroll, Maryssa from Somerset and Ruby, Gabi, Noah and Lydia, from Conemaugh Township were now competing against each other for the State Rifle Crown at this weekend long event.

The Conemaugh Indians knew they were in for a tough battle with the Warriors of Everett High School. The Township Team had a goal to repeat their 2021 State Title. Ruby, Noah and Gabi made a fine showing, but Everett bested them by 29 points. Township fell to second place in the State Competition. A loss to Everett is no shame, the Indian’s out-scored 18 other High School Teams for this Silver Medal honor.

Emily Bennett, a Junior at Bishop Carroll High School was “Top Shot on her Huskies Team all season long. At the State Finals she fired off an impressive score of, #564-16 with her .22 caliber Walther rifle.

Emily was ranked No. #2, as an individual, in this 3-Position Smallbore Championship. That’s from a field of 55 marksmen from 20 High Schools. Bennett’s Huskies Team came in Sixth place overall and Emily is sure to be a Jerome “Top Shot” next season.

The North Star Team came in Second Place in the Dubois Air Rifle Competition. The Cougars were also topped by the First Place Everett squad. Elissa Barron was “Top Shot” on her Cougar Team with a #391-22 in the Air Rifle Championship. Nicole Rininger was second with a #380-17 and Zach Tedrow shot a # 357-9 in this Air Rifle match.

Elissa was once again the “Top Shot” on her team with a #557-12 in the 22 Caliber division. North Star finished in Fourth Place among all High Schools in Smallbore. Elissa’s individual score also placed her in the “Top Ten” Smallbore High School shooters in the State.

Ruby Korenoski was the “Top Shot” on her Team in the Air Rifle Match by shooting a score of #384-21. Ruby’s score also placed her at No. Six overall in the individual category. In this phase of the competition shooters fire all 30 shots from the Standing Position. The C.T. Indians came in at Fourth Place in the Air Rifle Competition.

The Air Rifles used in this event are all 177 caliber using hour glass shaped lead pellets with a hollow base and a flat nose. The Hour Glass shaped projectiles weigh only 8 grains and are very accurate. This wad-cutter projectile makes a clean hole in the target for precise scoring. The Air Rifles are pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) using highly compressed air stored in a cylinder located under the rifle barrel.

A SCUBA Tank or air compressor is used to recharged the cylinders and most PCP rifles can shoot 30 or more rounds at consistent speeds before having to top off the cylinder. There is a pressure gauge built into the muzzle end of the cylinder to monitor air consumption and ensure there is no drop in velocity, from shot to shot.

Township Teammate, Gabi Klingenberg, scored a #361-9 in the Air Rifle phase. Gabi is a Windber Area High School Senior, the First Windber Student to ever compete in a PA State Rifle Championship.

To round out the scores for the Jerome members on the TWP Team, Noah Lehman shot a #355-6 in the Air Competition and a #549-8 in the Smallbore division. The following photos from the event.

For some of our Jerome Jr. Rifle Team members this would be their last High School Competition. After graduation this Spring, Ruby, Gabi, Elissa, Maryssa and Zach will be moving on. Best of Luck to our Seniors, your Future looks bright. This was a very good year!

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