Murrysville Match & Team Twelve

The Jerome Jr. Rifle Team now has 12 members and they (Team Twelve) have been practicing for the past few weeks in anticipation of their first match of the 2020 Season.

The Jerome Sportsmen’s Club is the home-base for the Jerome Jr. Rifle Team. It’s a great indoor rifle range, too.

Coach Barry and Haley are at a practice, and they’re planning for the up-coming Murrysville Competition.

These evening practices are usually made up of a Half-Match of targets. The cooler temps make the shooting comfortable, but the June competition would be hot and hotter by the late afternoon. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting cancellations and restrictions, the Mid-May match was moved back to Sunday June 28, 2020. Finally, the Team was back in action.

The only Covid-19 restriction was that the 24 shooting lanes at the Murrysville Rifle Range were reduced to 12. That lane change was just right for our group. This eliminated any other 3-P rifle teams from  participating on the day of our shoot.

The weather was great and the shooters were excited to start as they picked out their “social distanced” spots along the structure. Before the match started, the coaches, parents and spectators were busy with setting up the BBQ Food Area. Thanks to Barry and Mike for starting a very tasty breakfast smorgasbord. No one went hungry.

Coach Barry and Mike both needed to take a break after cooking up all the egg – cheese – veggie –  omelets and a bunch of sausage types. The fine food was well received by all. The Team can’t shoot on an empty stomach.

Coach Barry Rininger was speaking with Chuck LaPorta about the team’s scores. Barry was pleased with the Team’s overall shooting effort. Many of the individual scores, in each of the 3-positions, were improvements over the Murrysville competition from last fall.

Elissa Barron came in First Place among her team-mates and had an overall score of 2178×43. Her Mom and Dad were there to support the team. Scott was inspecting the all natural air-condition system.

Haley Fetterman came in Second Place on the Team Twelve with a 2147×39 score.

Ruby Korenoski, rounded out the Top Three shooters on “Team Twelve” with a 2126×36 score .

Maryssas improved her overall score from last years competition.

Nick is an experienced shooter and has been building upon his numbers at every competition. Nick Mader and Gillian Berloffe , both made notable improvements from their previous match scores. Nick improved his total score from the Murrysville Competition last Fall by 41 points.

Gillian is a serious competitor and she didn’t let the sun, heat and windy conditions distract her from making some great shots. Gillian shot a Personal Best in the Prone position with a score of 380×10. Her score was the second highest prone score of the Team during the morning session.

The rest of team has been very cooperative with the photographer!

Team Twelve has a furry match mascot in Bruno the Labradoodle. He is Nicole’s hound and Bruno makes sure to greet all members of the team.








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