Final Practice before Covid-19 on 3-15-20

On Sunday, March 15, 2020 the Jerome Jr. Rifle Team was having their “Indoor Practice” for two up coming 3-Position Rifle competitions. One shoot was to be held near Pittsburgh and the other at the University of West Virginia. Both were ultimately canceled.

Hannah was having a good time with her first ever Air Rifle practice. The Team was focused on making a good showing in the Air Rifle portion of these events. Some competitions are 22 rimfire only.

Zach was also making his first attempt at the 177 caliber Air Rifle practice. No one knew, at this time, that the next practice was a long way off.

Each member of the Team had to reacquaint themselves with the 177 caliber air-powered rifles, and the different sights, stock, weight and distance, as compared to their 22 Caliber smooth-bore rifles.

Haley had some extra coaching advice from her Dad and her sister, Shelby. The Team tried to get Shelby to try a few shots while at the indoor range. Shelby insisted on just helping her Dad and being Haley’s coach instead.

Below, while on the Shooting Line, Nicole is a serious competitor and is not easily distracted by the photographers flash.

Nicole is shooting her Feinwerkbau Air Rifle, a popular and accurate choice.

The Team doesn’t get as much practice time in with the pellet rifles because not all competitions have the 177 category as part of the shoot. Elissa is a Top Gun with her FWB Air Rifle and recently scored a First Place in the PA Junior Olympics for Women’s Individual Air. Her score was 568-26-X.

Ruby was shooting her newly acquired Anshutz Air Rifle for the first time at this Pre-Covid practice. We were all unaware that this Sunday afternoon session would be the last practice for a long time because of Governor Wolf’s Covid-19 mandate. Many stores, schools, job sites and facilities were closed to all person-to-person activities until further notice.

Now, as of June 4, 2020 the health regulations have begun to relax and the Team has started back with their “Outdoor Practices” scheduled for 3 times a week.  They have some catching up to do!

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