Jerome Jr Team Returns to Palmyra Invitational

The Jerome JR Rifle Team traveled to the Palmyra Sportsmen’s Range again for the 21st Annual Palmyra Invitational on January 19, 2020. This was the Team’s second appearance at the popular range this month. The building is a large structure and the property covers some 200 acres. The Team was happy it was indoors.

Takes more than one person to haul all the necessary shooting gear into the facility. Coach Rininger drove his big white van loaded with gear and Nicole, Abby and Maryssa were on board.

This wide-ranging competition attracted individual shooters and rifle teams from all over PA and other states including Virginia, Georgia, New Hampshire, and as far away as Alaska.

This group from Virginia was just about to finish when we arrived. Ruby noticed the young woman in the center of photo was shooting the same FWB rifle that she has. It was the first time we saw any other shooter with this 2800 model. The entrance area  was a bit crowded.

The Invitational is open to all shooters, plus members of the USA Shooting organization and the PA Rifle and Pistol Association. In addition, the NRA Intercollegiate Sectionals match was also held in conjunction with this event.

The Jerome Team had recently shot an event at this outstanding facility back on January 4th. With that previous experience under their belts, the team was very comfortable shooting at this electronic system known as the SIUS system.

These targets are not made of paper, but a shots are fired at a projected bulls-eye screen that has powered lifts to position the target box height to the shooters preferences. The competitors each have a laptop to see their hits and the score of every shot.

Nearly 300 competitors were scheduled to shoot and the place was pretty crowded. The Team’s scores were well in the upper half of all shooters and Coach Rininger was pleased with their results.

Bulls Eye for Maryssa.

The results are posted on the Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association website and you can click on the link to see all the scores. Nice Bull Nick.

Haley above with a Bull and Bulls Eye Barron. Ruby’s Bull below.

Parents and spectators drove to the Hershey area that morning to be ready to sign in at 3:00pm. The event lasted until about 8:30 so it was a long day for the shooters and those driving back home.

It’s tough to get a Family Shot during the match, so when it concludes you must hurry to get people organized for a few quick shots. Photos that is. Abby is packed up for the move to Air Rifle.

When the 22 caliber shooting is complete the team loads up for a move to the Air Rifle range located in the basement of the club. Then the Air Rifles are uncased. This is a Standing only event, shot at 25 feet and using the SIUS Electronic Target computer system.

Coach Rininger was getting advice from his daughter, Nicole.

Sierra was doing an impression of the Statue of Liberty, for Good Luck?

The Dad’s had a travel conference during the Air Rifle Competition. This was the planning session on how to depart the range and get back to the PA Turnpike before the snow squall hits.

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