Summer Practice at Jerome Sportsmen’s Club

The Jerome Junior Rifle Team holds practice sessions during the summer months at the Jerome Sportsmen’s Association outdoor range. These shots are from May and June 2019.

The Team has many volunteers to help set up equipment, targets, backstops, scopes, stands and ammo.

Some parents are not as strong as Scott. More gear , less trips.

All targets have to be signed and marked for Prone, Standing and Kneeling positions. The small black dog is Bruno, Team Mascot.

Once all the targets are in place and Bruno, the Mascot, is in a safety zone the shooting can begin.

Those 50 yard bulls eyes fit right into that front sight lens. This takes a steady hand and a sharp eye. Like Nick.

Haley is focused in on her Bulls Eye.

Abby’s going for Tens.

Jillian is rock steady on her kneeling position.

Checking targets with the help of Bruno, the Rifle Team Mascot. This photo is from a May Practice when Bruno was just a pup.

The Jerome Team is made up of High School students from Conemaugh Twp, North Star, Windber, Somerset and Shanksville. The two above are Indians.

The Jerome Outdoor Range has target backstops at 25, 50 and 100 yards. Members have a gate key for access to the outdoor range.  For information about becoming a member of the Jerome Club , you can attend a meeting on the 2nd. Wednesday of each month.

Checking and setting up new targets is good exercise at the 50 yard distance. For extra exercise Nicole  is  chasing Bruno off the shooting range .

Bruno has Mascot competition from time to time.

Somerset, North Star and Windber High School students are all competitive shooters.

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