Jerome Jr Rifle Team at Murrysville Competition

The Jerome Rifle Team had a Big Match at the Murrysville Rifle Club on Saturday May 18, 2019. This was an Outdoor, 50-yard event. The Team shot about triple the amount of targets as they do in a regular High School indoor match. There were 20 shooters registered at this event and it was scheduled to be a daylong shoot.

Our Team was very excited about shooting in this competition, but we had to be there by 7:00am. It was great that Coach Knapp and Coach Rininger were going to be there at 6:00 to begin cooking us breakfast. The Coaches say you can’t shoot well on an empty stomach.

The two Dads had the kitchen set-up with bacon, sausage, pancakes, cheese & egg omelets and burgers all cooking on the griddle and the BBQ. Plus, they had drinks, coffee, cake and cookies.

Our Head Coach, Mr. Marisa, gave the team a lecture about safety, shooting and range rules and a general pep talk. He’s a humorous guy when he’s coaching, but he tells us to be all serious when the shooting starts.

Outdoor matches are really different than our indoor shoots. The shooting areas here are totally different than our home field. So, we have to adjust for the wind, sun angle, temperature, bugs, noise, rain and fog.

Getting our gear ready for the first round of targets. Some shooters were still eating breakfast foods. We have to hang targets, too.

It’s a nice break for shooters to walk out the targets, 50 yards away. This gives us a chance to talk to our team and the other competitors from other clubs. We change targets and submit them to the scorekeepers. Shooters all try to evaluate their shot groups through their spotting scopes, but it’s better to see the target holes up close.

At the start of the morning match it was a cool 50 degrees, with a just a sprinkle of rain. By afternoon it was hot, about 70 degrees. Just putting on the leather and canvas shooting clothes was a chore.

This wide open grassy area was full of gnats and mosquitoes as the sun heated up the range. That’s not a problem during the Indoor Season.

The Bulls Eyes on the 50 yard range seem really small.

Parents and other spectators are welcome at all the Shooting Competitions.

The Range Master and Time Keeper collects the targets and posts the results in the Main Club House.

The Team is always serious about their individual scores, but it’s a fun event too.

The Coaches insist that the Team must eat well, so the Lunches are more than a picnic.

There is a lot of interesting history concerning this club and it has a unique past. The Murrysville Club was founded in 1944. The members organized this shooting range during midst of World War II. There is an original framed plaque on the wall, from the National Rifle Association, that officially sanctioned this shooting club.

Inside the club one wall was filled with old photos of championship teams and trophies from long ago. There were newspaper clippings prize-winning teams from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

The B&W photo of the ladies team was from 1954, the women were all members of the Murrysville Club. The competition the Lady shooters won was an international event with teams from England and Canada participating. It’s great to learn that these ladies accomplished such lofty shooting goals 65 years ago.

The Jerome Junior Rifle Team members May 2019.


The Jerome Junior Rifle Team successfully competed in the 2019 NRA JR Metric Smallbore 3P Indoor Sectional competition held at the Dubois Rifle Team Range in Dubois, PA. The event was conducted in February for both the 3-position 22 Smallbore and Standing Air Rifle competitions.

Photo I.D. Left to Right: Elissa Barron, Nicole Rininger, Haley Fetterman, Logan Marisa, Olivia Marisa, Abby Knapp. Not in photo: Kaylea Thomas.

The Jerome Team won the overall match with a score of 2252-67, beating the second place Frazier Simplex Team by a total of 48 points.

There were 7 teams registered to shoot, including Jerome, Portage, Everett, Fraizer Simplex and Dubois. Somerset High School had two teams participating in the match.

Jerome Team member Logan Marisa was ranked in First Place among all competitors. Other Jerome Team members were ranked as follows;
Olivia Marisa was third, Abby Knapp, fourth, Elissa Barron, fifth, Haley Fetterman,16th,, Kayle Thomas 17th and Nicole Rininger, was ranked in 25th place. There were a total of 37 individual shooters competing.

Logan and Olivia Marisa and Hayley Fetterman are students from Conemaugh Twp. Elissa Barron, Nicole Rininger and Kaylea Thomas are from North Star and Abby Knapp is from Shanksville. The team members were all awarded medals for their accomplishments.

Coach Neil Marisa said he was very pleased with their individual performances and how they kept their composure during the highly competitive match.

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