Jerome Team Members Earn Top Five in High School Matches

The Jerome Jr. Rifle Team is made up of members from several local High School Rifle Teams. These marksmen are all considered to be the “Top Shots” on their individual High School Teams. The High School rifle team season was delayed due to Covid, but now the teams are back in action. 

Check out Conemaugh, North Star and Somerset H.S stats from their recent competitions. The students in the “Top Five” Match Scores are competing against one another during their rival High School competitions. However, they all come together, as a Team, for the Jerome Jr. Rifle Events.

This coming weekend the Jerome Team will be shooting in the Palmyra Invitational Event. So, watch out Annville, here they come, Hot Shots, all.

Jerome to Host PA Jr. Olympic Event

The Jerome Sportsmen’s Club has been selected to host the 2020-2021 PENNSYLVANIA JUNIOR OLYMPIC STATE SMALLBORE & AIR RIFLE CHAMPIONSHIPS at their Indoor Range Facility. The event will be sponsored by: Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Association and is sanctioned by: USA Shooting.

In an announcement to the Jerome Jr. Rifle Team, by Alex Szablewski, Sr. Manager at USA Shooting, he said, “ I am excited to let you know your club has been selected as Host Site for the PA Jr. Olympic Competition, without your help the program would not exist and your efforts are truly appreciated by USA Shooting.”

Match Contact: Barry Rininger, 3404 Stoystown Rd Box 185 Stoystown PA 15563, 814-233-6000, (

Registration: Entries are now being accepted. Please email: Lee Ann Rininger ( and Trish Barron ( for squadding. The requests will be filled in the order in which they were received.   Every effort will be made to accept all competitors. Entries will be accepted to range capacity (12 lanes per relay). Following confirmation, individual entry fees and completed Entry forms need to be mailed to the above address at least 2 weeks prior to the date of firing.   Teams will register at the match and must be named before the first person fires.

Dates:    12 – 14 February – 19 – 21 February – 26 – 28 February

Location: Jerome Sportsmen’s Club, 3220 Jerome Hill Rd. Holsopple PA 15935

Eligibility: Competition open to all competitors born in 2001 or later.

Membership: All competitors must be individual members of USA Shooting and the PRPA and must show membership cards at check in or join at match. Please go to USA and for membership signup. Additional forms will be available at check-in.

Directions: The address of Jerome Sportsmen’s is: 3220 Jerome Hill Road, Hollsopple PA15935 From Somerset and the South, travel 219N and exit the Jerome exit. Make a left off the exit and travel through the town of Jerome to the top of the hill, make a right onto Jerome Hill Road and the sportsmen’s entrance is 100 yards on the right.

National JORC: A complete match program and other information will be sent to all competitors via email who earn invitations. The USAS National JORC will be fired at the US Olympic Shooting Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2021. Exact dates will be announced in the future and may be subject to change.


Ticket Sales Going Fast

Ticket sales for the team’s fundraiser are moving along and last evening Nikki Tedrow presented her report at the Jerome Jr. Rifle Team’s practice.

The Diamond Back AR-15 is a popular item, get your ticket soon.

Shooters are socially distanced while on the indoor range and face masks are in use.

Thanks again to “Jennerstown Tactical” for their help in this effort.


Indoor Rifle Practice Resumes

The Jerome Jr. Rifle Team has moved to their Indoor Range because the sun is setting faster every day, limiting their shooting time. At outdoor practices, no masks are required, but inside they are in use.

All Rifle Team members and coaching staff are required to wear masks while shooting indoors, however, the added benefit of indoor practice is the air cleaning HVAC system in use at Jerome.

Shooting range operations generate airborne dirt and lead particles as guns are fired. The lead particulates in the air can be dangerous to the team, coaches and patrons of the ranges and need to be properly captured and removed.

AAF Flanders Company manufactures a complete line of high efficiency filters for the multi-stage filtration required to scrub the air within the firing range. Three stage units that are installed at the Jerome Indoor Range use one 2” x 24” pre-filter, then a Hi-Tech “Flanders Foremost Air Filter, 24”x 24” by 12” in size, @ $300. each, and a final 2” filter.

Coach Rininger is holding the 12-inch deep filter and he changes the filters on a regular schedule as required. Many of these filters can be used as pre-filter, secondary, or final filters. Flanders also provides gun ranges with a full line of air filtration systems and filter housings that meet the unique requirements of the shooting sports industry.

In addition to shooting ranges, typical applications include, automotive, commercial buildings, data centers, museums, historic storage, libraries, healthcare facilities, schools and universities.

Re-circulated or exhaust air must be filtered at the point of removal, using a minimum 99.97% High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, per the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) recommended particle for HEPA/ULPA filters (IEST RP-CC001).

To provide an extended life cycle of the HEPA filters, it’s also recommended that HEPA filters be pre-filtered with a minimum of MERV 14 filters. Likewise, all filter sections should have pressure-measuring devices for filter maintenance. Systems like this used in structures are often referred to as “clean rooms”. This filter system at the Jerome Range has addition health benefits in this Covid-19 environment we are now living in.

Parents and even our Team Mascot, Bruno, are taking safety precautions to help fight this pandemic.

Jerome Jr Rifle Team at Murrysville Fall 2020

The Jerome Jr. Rifle Team, and their support roadies, traveled to Murrysville for the “Fall 2020” 3-P Competition last Sunday. As usual, Coach Rininger set up the breakfast BBQ and good food was prepared for all. This event is at a the 50 yard outdoor range.

The Coach believes the Rifle Team functions better on a well balanced diet of fresh eggs, home grown meats and veggies. He claims the Team travels on its stomach.

Even the Team mascot, Bruno, wanted a custom-made egg omelet. His master, Nicole, gave him a kiss on the nose and an extra slice of cheese while his meal was being prepared.

Haley and Sienna were first to hang their targets and were happy to get the cool competition started.

The weather was a bit chilly as the temps dipped to the Frost Warning and most of our shooters insisted on wearing extra clothing, coats and hoods under their “Shooting Gear”.

Maryasa had a bit of trouble getting her shooting jacket on. Just too many layers. This makes for a very tight fit. It did make for additional support. How cold was it? 37 degrees at the start and cold fingers were the big complaint. Triggers are set at about 6 oz. and numb fingers make consistent pressure during each shot difficult.

Nicole was so cold she that had her hood on too, gloves were not an option. However, she asked her Dad to get her a warm hat.

During the last 3 Murrysville Competitions, the heat was on. By the afternoon rounds on previous shoots the temps were in the high 80’s. This cold spell was a big shock for the shooters.

Ruby and Elissa were ready to begin shooting, but notice that they’re both clutching their hands trying to keep their trigger fingers warm. During every Outdoor Match the weather plays a part in the scores. The elements, wind, fog, sun-glare, heat, all can get into the shooters mind-set. Indoor rifle events at the regulation distance of 50 -feet seem easy by comparison.

At 9:00 am the sun was shinning directly into the shooting lanes. This makes it difficult for the shooters to see their sights, so the roadies use sheets of burlap to act as blinders to block the sun. Sienna’s Mom and Elissa’s Dad were on duty to get the job done.

Sienna was not yet pleased with the sun blocking procedure. Squint!

Haley gave the sun-blocker a smile, it was working in her lane.

Sierra was good to go. She wasn’t letting the sun bother her aim.

Nick was focused on his targets, waiting for the match to start.

Elissa is always calm and cool at every competition, regardless of the weather.

Ruby’s ready, just waiting for the Range Officer to start the clock.

The Officials were dressed warm for the start of the clock, let the shooting begin.

Zach’s parents were keeping an eye on the competition.

Hannah was off to a fast start in the prone position. Open sights are the rule at 50 yards and the targets look like tiny black dots.

Zach was good with the sun blinders during the prone event.

When the match moved on to the “Standing” phase, the sun wasn’t as big a problem for Nick. But, he left the burlap blinder in place.

Hannah had no problems with the sun while in the standing position. Hannah and her team-mates to her right side had the help of the trees that border the range to provide a shady area. No blinders needed here.

The sun was still an issue with Ruby even with the standing position.

Time to change the targets, take a break, and check with the parents

Rows and rows of targets to score. It’s a big job for the Officials.


Mrs. LaPorta and Mrs. Fetterman volunteered to learn how to score. Great help for the Officials, thanks ladies.

The Murrysville Club house is the H.Q. for the rifle matches.

End of the day inside the clubhouse, waiting for the scores to roll in.  The Official results will be sent by emails to the Coaches when all stats have been compiled. Coach Rininger said he was very proud of the effort our team made during this full day of shooting. Every shooter made progress in one or more in the 3-Positions and this is good news for future events.

Bruno did a great job as Mascot, he did slow the match a bit when he decided to check out the rifle lanes when the shooting  began.

Bruno back safely in his master arms, a fine end to a beautiful day.

Practice Starts for Murrysville Fall Competition

The Jerome Jr. Rifle Team has resumed practices in preparation for the up-coming Murrysville Competition on September 20, 2020.

Setting up targets at the 50-yard range is the first step for any practice session and Team Mascot “Bruno” (the dog) is always there to assist. When the shooting starts, Bruno keeps his social distance.

Bruno keeps an eye on all the activities…from a safe area.

The Team members were happy to try out the new equipment purchased through the generous donations from interested patrons, parents, service groups and sportsmen’s clubs.

Sierra was really happy with her new scope and the razor sharp image. While shooting your sighters, it’s very important to see each of your shots so you can adjust for wind, elevation and changes in ammunition. When shooting for score, most shooters check each shot for score, grouping and potential re-adjustment.

The new 20×60 power Spotting Scopes were a hit with all the shooters. There were two scope models in this shipment and both of the new optics are super sharp and clear.

Hannah was impressed with the tack-sharp image she saw while checking her shots.

The new heavy-duty stands provide a steady mount for the expensive optics. The heavy base is constructed from a solid block of iron and each leg can be leveled by the set-screws.

The tri-pod legs ensure a secure perch for the high quality scopes. The legs of the stand and the scope mount are totally adjustable.

Sienna is putting her new scope-stand and new spotting scope to good use here. All members of the team have shot at the Murrysville Competition before; some have shot here 3 or 4 times.

So, with that level of experience the coaches are looking forward to higher scores from all our shooters. Ruby and Maryssa will be looking for individual  higher scores in every position.

Coach Rininger gives Zach a few tips on shooting from the prone position. Regular outdoor practices will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons at 1:00pm.

For as long as the weather cooperates and until the “Fall Back” time change, shooting practices will continue.  And, Bruno will be watching from his relaxed position behind the shooting lanes.



Murrysville Match & Team Twelve

The Jerome Jr. Rifle Team now has 12 members and they (Team Twelve) have been practicing for the past few weeks in anticipation of their first match of the 2020 Season.

The Jerome Sportsmen’s Club is the home-base for the Jerome Jr. Rifle Team. It’s a great indoor rifle range, too.

Coach Barry and Haley are at a practice, and they’re planning for the up-coming Murrysville Competition.

These evening practices are usually made up of a Half-Match of targets. The cooler temps make the shooting comfortable, but the June competition would be hot and hotter by the late afternoon. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting cancellations and restrictions, the Mid-May match was moved back to Sunday June 28, 2020. Finally, the Team was back in action.

The only Covid-19 restriction was that the 24 shooting lanes at the Murrysville Rifle Range were reduced to 12. That lane change was just right for our group. This eliminated any other 3-P rifle teams from  participating on the day of our shoot.

The weather was great and the shooters were excited to start as they picked out their “social distanced” spots along the structure. Before the match started, the coaches, parents and spectators were busy with setting up the BBQ Food Area. Thanks to Barry and Mike for starting a very tasty breakfast smorgasbord. No one went hungry.

Coach Barry and Mike both needed to take a break after cooking up all the egg – cheese – veggie –  omelets and a bunch of sausage types. The fine food was well received by all. The Team can’t shoot on an empty stomach.

Coach Barry Rininger was speaking with Chuck LaPorta about the team’s scores. Barry was pleased with the Team’s overall shooting effort. Many of the individual scores, in each of the 3-positions, were improvements over the Murrysville competition from last fall.

Elissa Barron came in First Place among her team-mates and had an overall score of 2178×43. Her Mom and Dad were there to support the team. Scott was inspecting the all natural air-condition system.

Haley Fetterman came in Second Place on the Team Twelve with a 2147×39 score.

Ruby Korenoski, rounded out the Top Three shooters on “Team Twelve” with a 2126×36 score .

Maryssas improved her overall score from last years competition.

Nick is an experienced shooter and has been building upon his numbers at every competition. Nick Mader and Gillian Berloffe , both made notable improvements from their previous match scores. Nick improved his total score from the Murrysville Competition last Fall by 41 points.

Gillian is a serious competitor and she didn’t let the sun, heat and windy conditions distract her from making some great shots. Gillian shot a Personal Best in the Prone position with a score of 380×10. Her score was the second highest prone score of the Team during the morning session.

The rest of team has been very cooperative with the photographer!

Team Twelve has a furry match mascot in Bruno the Labradoodle. He is Nicole’s hound and Bruno makes sure to greet all members of the team.








Team TWELVE 2020

The Jerome 2020 “Team Twelve” is made up of shooters from a number of local High School Rifle Teams. Conemaugh Township, North Star, Somerset, Shanksville, Windber and Berlin are all represented. These teammates are all dedicated to honing their accuracy skills for the highest scores possible. Good Luck this season!  Elissa B. above, Nicole R. below, both are North Star students.

Sienna C.  Windber Area High School

Haley F.  Conemaugh TWP.

Abby K. Shanksville High School

Gillian B. Conemaugh TWP.

Maryssa N. Somerset H.S.

Sierra L. Conemaugh TWP.

Nick M. Conemaugh TWP

Zach T. North Star

Hannah M. Berlin High School

Ruby K. Conemaugh TWP.

Final Practice before Covid-19 on 3-15-20

On Sunday, March 15, 2020 the Jerome Jr. Rifle Team was having their “Indoor Practice” for two up coming 3-Position Rifle competitions. One shoot was to be held near Pittsburgh and the other at the University of West Virginia. Both were ultimately canceled.

Hannah was having a good time with her first ever Air Rifle practice. The Team was focused on making a good showing in the Air Rifle portion of these events. Some competitions are 22 rimfire only.

Zach was also making his first attempt at the 177 caliber Air Rifle practice. No one knew, at this time, that the next practice was a long way off.

Each member of the Team had to reacquaint themselves with the 177 caliber air-powered rifles, and the different sights, stock, weight and distance, as compared to their 22 Caliber smooth-bore rifles.

Haley had some extra coaching advice from her Dad and her sister, Shelby. The Team tried to get Shelby to try a few shots while at the indoor range. Shelby insisted on just helping her Dad and being Haley’s coach instead.

Below, while on the Shooting Line, Nicole is a serious competitor and is not easily distracted by the photographers flash.

Nicole is shooting her Feinwerkbau Air Rifle, a popular and accurate choice.

The Team doesn’t get as much practice time in with the pellet rifles because not all competitions have the 177 category as part of the shoot. Elissa is a Top Gun with her FWB Air Rifle and recently scored a First Place in the PA Junior Olympics for Women’s Individual Air. Her score was 568-26-X.

Ruby was shooting her newly acquired Anshutz Air Rifle for the first time at this Pre-Covid practice. We were all unaware that this Sunday afternoon session would be the last practice for a long time because of Governor Wolf’s Covid-19 mandate. Many stores, schools, job sites and facilities were closed to all person-to-person activities until further notice.

Now, as of June 4, 2020 the health regulations have begun to relax and the Team has started back with their “Outdoor Practices” scheduled for 3 times a week.  They have some catching up to do!

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